LED Screen Outdoor

Outdoor LED screen

It is located on one of the busiest crossroads in Sarajevo, where, according to official research, more than 180,000 people circulates daily.

Led Outdoor display is integral part of the modern city and represent advertising, architectural and artistic potential.

At more than 13 square meters of advertising space, Capital Tower provides advertisers vast area for the promotion of brands and displaying video content on an impressive and unique way.

Advertising and promoting content from Facebook and Instagram via the feed as well as information about events in the Capital Tower. With this content, your advertising message becomes a central part of an information centre of the city.

Consumers are exposed to this type of advertising are more inclined to a greater interest in the advertised goods and services. The study of the British Association of Outdoor Media Centre from 2013, that investigated the impact of advertising on the likelihood of buying, showed that most consumers decide to purchase goods that are advertised through this marketing channel.

Let your message shine in a new light!