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Outdoor LED Screen

LED Screen Outdoor Outdoor LED screen It is located on one of the busiest crossroads in Sarajevo, where, according to official research, more than 180,000 people circulates daily. Led Outdoor display is integral part of the modern city and represent advertising, architectural and artistic potential. At more than 13 square meters of advertising space, […]
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Capital Tower Square

Case Studies Capital Square Capital Tower Square in front of the building is an ideal place to promote any brand or event. Ifyou want to run a promotion or event in Capital Tower to contact us via e-mail: [email protected]. Capital Tower Sarajevo, as a socially responsible centre, supports non-commercial events.
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Elevator Screens

Case Studies Look how wonderful work we have done! Elevator Screens Place your ad message or rather offer where business people will not be able to ignore and not see. The elevators, the areas in front of the elevators and the entrance halls of the largest office buildings are certainly a place where business people […]
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